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Corporate and Brand Public Relations

All organizations, no matter how large or small, ultimately depend on their reputation for survival and success. Public relations is a primary activity regarding reputation management - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you- including earning understanding and support, and influencing opinion with important stakeholders. Customers, suppliers, employees, investors, regulators and other stakeholders need to be regularly addressed to maintain recall and goodwill. Mileage has a highly professional PR team located across India, with established ties with both online and offline media, based on mutual respect and integrity.


Social and Digital Marketing

In today’s scenario, any marketing activity is incomplete without Social and Digital marketing. It is essential that organizations maintain an ongoing online presence to ensure the amplification of all relevant communication to their connected audiences. Mileage has an independent team handling client social media handles, and larger digital media campaigns are looked after by their sister organization, Sartha Grapes Digital LLP.


Influencer and Blogger Engagement

We have achieved great success in “marrying” brands with celebrity and micro influencers, who have relevant followings, thereby ensuring healthy returns on investment. Additionally, our Blogger engagement programs ensure that organizations are able to communicate their messages to appropriate stakeholders.


Media Training

We conduct media training courses for CEOs and other senior management, down to front office staff. These trainings are comprehensive and adapted to client businesses, involving lots of practical sessions and backed by examples of real life case studies.




At times of crisis, it is only via prompt and effective communication that one can manage the impact of the situation. Mileage India is a leading player in the field of crisis management in India. As the proud Indian Partner of MTI Network- the world’s largest maritime crisis management network, we provides round the clock response for marine or transport related incidents that are likely to attract unfavorable attention from the media.

Reputation Management

Ten years ago, news that took a week to hit the headlines, now does so in less than 24 hours. Weak management of reputations can seriously harm the best companies and brands, and it is now imperative to constantly monitor the online and offline world to check what conversations are taking place. Stakeholders are now thoroughly checking a company’s background and online conversations, before doing business, seeking employment or even representing it in business. So, maintaining an organizations reputation has now become essential for its financial health and overall business.


Mileage uses the latest tools to keep a watch on all online and offline conversations concerning our clients. All developing issues are promptly reported and dealt with.


Event Management

Mileage regularly organizes client events like press conferences, trade events, seminars, gala evenings etc., with assistance from third-party event management partners.  Additionally, such events are promoted by generating media coverage through our PR division.

Marketing Representation

As marketing representatives, we strategize and implement marketing, public relations & joint- promotional activities that we represent. We currently undertake such activities for various International tourism boards like Hong Kong Tourism Board and Visit Flanders.


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